Invisible cloak sort of kind of makes things harder to see

Invisibility cloak
It's the eternal dilemma: if you could only have one, which would you choose: flight or invisibility? Me, I've always been kind of a stealth sort of guy (excluding the Jamie Foxx/Josh Lucas/Jessica Biel debacle of last year), so I'll have to put a tick in the invisible box—which, come to think of it, would make it rather a hard box to tick.

While invisibility from the naked eye is probably still some time away, scientists have come up with a variety of stealth technologies. For example, the kind featured on the F-117 fighter and the B-2 bomber, that makes them much more difficult to detect with radar.

Now Duke University scientists have managed to make an object mostly invisible to detection by microwaves . Even in this case, "invisible" may be a strong word—the device made it harder to detect the object.

The cloak consists of 10 fibreglass rings covered with copper elements. This is classed as a "metamaterial" - an artificial composite that can be engineered to produce a desired change in the direction of electromagnetic waves.

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