iRobot's Dirt Dog dogs dirt...and nails

iRobot Dirt Dog
Robots, robots, robots. We love robots, really. Up until the moment that they start to challenge us for supremacy over this fair world. Then it's time to whip up a little bit of EMP action. Still, of all the robots around us in everyday life, it's hard to argue that any are cuter than iRobots's offerings.

Thus, from the company that brought us the Roomba and the Scooba, we present to you now: the Dirt Dog. What is it? It's basically the heavy duty version of the Roomba, intended for uses in garages, worksthops, etc. Supposedly it's capable of sucking up sawdust, wood chips, and, um, nails . It's tough. That's why it's got that mean-looking doggy on the front.

I'm a little worried about that picking up nails feature, though. With so little capacity onboard to store such detritus, it's only a matter of time before the Dirt Dog starts spitting them back out in a deadly hailstorm. But, hey, your call. $130, available from iRobot's online store on Friday.

[via Digital World ]

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