It's three, three, *three* monitors in one

Sharp Triple Display
Oh you clever technologists, you. What's better than KVM switch alternating between three different systems on one display? Why, one display that can handle three different displays simultaneously , depending only on your angle of viewing. In this case, those images are a map, a mountain, and a puppy. I'm crossing my fingers that it's got wider applications than that.

It's a pretty crazy technology; Sharp showed off a dual-angle display last year, using the same method, which involves a "parallax barrier," a device I was fairly certain only existed in Star Trek . I'm curious to know just how good these are; i.e., at what angle does the next image kick in and, like those lenticular pictures, is there a point at which you can see parts of multiple images? Not to mention that many displays have problems being viewed at an angle already , so will the images on the "sides" of the display always be off-color? I need answers!

[via Slashdot ]

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