Japanese supercomputer hits the petaflop mark

Japanese supercomputer hits the petaflop mark, by J Mark Lytle:


Take 19,122 Intel Xeon processors, add 4,808 LSI chips and top off with the worthwhile goal of simulating the non-bonding interactions between atoms and you’ve got yourself an MDGRAPE-3 Protein Explorer supercomputer.

The new monster box (well, room) was announced yesterday by Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in Yokohama and Intel and is the first super-(duper)-computer to be capable of calculating at the petaflop level. That’s one million, billion floating-point operations per second, dontchaknow? Just wait until the PS3 strikes fear into this beast’s quivering tin heart.

(Via Pink Tentacle )

[Via Digital World Tokyo ]

Derik’s Thoughts: But how does it compare to the Big Mac?

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