Leave those hands free and dry

Hands free umbrella
You can tell we're officially a multi-tasking society when "hands-free" has become the ultimate feature. Hands-free phones have really taken off, for one. I'm thinking of marketing a hands-free drinking method I call a straw . But until that materializes, perhaps I can entice you with the latest in hands-free technology: the hands-free umbrella.

Well, this actually isn't a terrible idea. It's an umbrella that, due to a special handle, can be looped over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to carry packages or defend yourself with kung fu. All while staying toasty warm. Sure a good stiff breeze could see you floating away like Mary Poppins, but it's a small price to pay. As small as the $11.99 this little bit of paradise will cost you.

[via Oh Gizmo! ]

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