LEGO dishwasher keeps blocks clean and unmelty

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LEGO tray
If you played with LEGOs as a kid, then you invariably had a few bricks that had acquired permanent little pieces of gunk stuck in hard to reach spaces, like in between the little pegs on top, or deep inside. Cleaning them out was a pain, because you needed something slightly tougher than a Q-tip, but less powerful than dishwasher, which could reach high enough levels to melt the bricks.

Appliance-maker Bosch has solved this eternal dilemma with a LEGO-branded dishwasher. Not only does the device stay cool enough to keep your bricks from looking like they've been caught in some hideous experiment, but it even has a special tray for the LEGOs themselves (though you might have to pay extra for the adorable kid with the fauxhawk). Really, it has the potential to make everybody happy. Especially those of us who have been eating for years off of our specially-constructed LEGO dishes. Handwashing just wasn't cutting it anymore.

[via Gizmodo ]

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