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Digicam Lighter
I was obsessed with spy gadgets when I was a kid. Now that I'm an "adult," that obsession has been replaced with one for fancy electronic gadgets. But it doesn't mean that I don't still yearn for my days as a tuxedoed secret agent. So, when a device comes along that combines my adult's enthusiasm with my inner child's wonder, well, it's a surefire hit.

You see, it resembles a lighter, but it's actually a digital camera. Just flip it open and you can take pictures until your heart's content. It requires one AAA battery, and can hold 30 640x480 pictures or 100 320x240 pictures which it will transfer over USB1.1. All for $30.

The only problem I can really see is that I don't think it's actually a functioning lighter. So, after a while people might get suspicious if they notice that you're never actually lighting that cigarette. So, careful out there, 007.

[via SCI FI Tech ]

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