Make those cables stay put

Cable Organizer
Wires, wires everywhere. That's kind of what my desk looks like at the moment. Because I still have two desktops computers underneath, I need to run a bunch of cables up to the top so I can use my iPod dock, speakers, even the power cable for my laptop. But what if I want to make sure the connectors stay on top of the desk when I walk away with the device. I tried Scotch tape at one point, but the adhesiveness eventually wore off, not to mention it looked unsightly.

The Bird-Electron Keeperse Stainless Steel Cable Organizer is a bit of a step up from Scotch tape. Just pop the cable into one of the felt-lined notches, and the weight of the whole contraption keeps those pesky cables from sliding back off the desk. A simple solution to an annoying problem: would that all difficulties could be solved this easily. Granted, for the $55 this is going to cost you, you could buy dozens of rolls of Scotch tape, but think of the aesthetics.

[via Ubergizmo ]

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