Make your own healthy potato chips in the microwave

Potato chip maker
Were you one of those people who put potato chips in your sandwich? I just couldn't get onboard with the idea; potato chips are a side dish, not a condiment , okay? Besides, that crummy Lays garbage is pretty gross on its own. I need me some real kettle-cooked goodness, you know what I mean? I'd make my own if only I had a deep fryer.

Hold the phone, what's this? You can make your own potato chips without the need for a deep fryer? Unbelievable . This Japanese microwave potato chip maker includes everything you need to—say it with me—make your own potato chips. Simply cut up a potato or two into thin slices using the included slicer, pop them into the rack and microwave it for six minutes: out pop your very own potato chips. Mmm mmm.

Eat your heart out, Pringles guy. Now if only there were a microwave honey roasted sesame stick maker. I'd be in heaven . Again, my Japanese language skills appear to have deserted me, but I think you snag this from Amazon Japan for just around $10 (to be fair, you could probably figure out a way to make one for around the same amount).

[via Gizmodo ]

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