Making Laundry Time Bearable

Whirlpool scaled.jpg
[Cathy Lu of Digital World wrote]: I’m contemplating a move to Atlanta. Three lucky households there have been selected to participate in a Whirlpool tech demo called Laundry Time. The households will be testing smart washing machines and dryers that can send messages to TVs, computers, and cell phones telling you things like your wash is done or your dryer is still on. You can even use your cell phone to start up the dryer again—something I wish I had the other day when I was out on my bike and my dryer was wrestling with a particularly thick duvet cover. (BTW, that picture is of a random Whirlpool washer/dryer, not the super-awesome set they’re testing.)

[Via Digital World ]

Derik’s Thoughts: Now even my washer can bug me when I’m out.

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