Me = not a fan of the Radio Fan

Radio Fan
The evils of convergence strike again. The latest culprit? The Radio Fan. Let me get this straight: I'm going to pay $85 for a combination fan and AM/FM radio. Instead of paying ten bucks for a fan and twenty bucks for a radio. Seriously, what do I get out of having a combination fan/radio, other than a radio that I can never hear when the fan's on? Okay, it's got a rechargeable battery. Nice, but hardly a raison d'être . Ooh, it oscillates . Sign me u—of course I'm kidding, numbskull. What do I look like?

Look, if the best you can do is waterproof plastic casing and built-in handle , I'm thinking that your radio fans are not about to fly off your shelves. For one thing, it'd better have a waterproof casing if you're saying it's for outdoor use: nobody likes electrocution. As for the handle thing, yeah: consider me underwhelmed.

[via Book of Joe ]

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