Microsoft discovers industrial design with Ultimate Keyboard

Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard
Damn you, Microsoft. Just when I think I'm free, you pull me back in . After the whole "free" flash drive debacle, I swore to never again ask Redmond for anything . Sure, I need my copy of XP to play the PC games to which I'm addicted, but that doesn't me I have to like it.

Then you announce this wireless backlit rechargeable keyboard. What's a guy to do?

Covet. Covet madly .

Looks like someone finally ponied up and bought Microsoft that industrial design team they always wanted. It's no iPod, to be fair, but it's a sight better looking than some of the previous products they've pulled out of the abyss. I love the idea of backlit keyboards, and it seems like they've come up with a recharging solution that doesn't entirely suck. Granted, it's still a Windows keyboard primarily, so I'd hesitate to put it too close to my Mac desktop, less they start hissing at each other, but hey: that's what wireless is for.

This thing drops "soon," but we have no price as of yet. We'll keep our ears to the ground for you.

[via Gearlog ]

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