MP3 player brings music to your wallet

Wallet MP3 Player
Those darn iPods and Zunes are just too big . I want my music to fit easily in my pocket—heck, in my wallet . That way, I'll never be without the sweet, sweet melodies of the Bee Gees.

Walletex's Wallet MP3 Player (PDF link) is the answer to my deepest, darkest dreams. This credit card sized MP3 player is kind of like a first generation iPod shuffle—if you took it and smushed it under a rolling pin, anyway. Featuring controls for play/pause, forward, back, and volume up and down, the Wallet MP3 Player is also waterproof, dustproof, and temperature resistant. It's designed to be branded with company logos and used as a promotional gizmo. It'll come in capacities of 128MB to 2GB, with a 3-in-1 USB jack that handles charging, data, and audio. It can also be used as a flash drive.

If nothing else, the dustproof, waterproof, and temperature resistant qualities make this a pretty ideal choice for baby's first MP3 player (they start younger and younger these days, you see).

[via Digital World ]

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