New Network Walkmen feature *gasp* pedometer?

Sony NW-205F
Sony's latest version of its Network Walkman MP3 player will have yet another chance to regain the crown that was once held by its portable cassette player ancestor, but now resides casually on the brow of Apple's iPod.

The tubular 2GB NW-S205F and 1GB NW-S203F (will Sony ever learn about marketing?) already have FM tuners and stopwatches, but now they also include a pedometer, allowing you to measure calories, steps, and distance (wherever did they get that idea?). Of course, the one-line OLED display will probably make for a less than satisfactory experience for checking your stats.

Sony's also showing off what looks to be a new form factor for them: a long thin tube that has a "collar" knob for control purposes. An interesting idea, if somewhat odd looking. You'll be seeing the 2GB for $150 and the 1GB for $120 this fall.

[via Engadget ]

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