Nobody's listening...

In my dreams, I'm a James Bond-style superspy, constantly being cha— stop laughing! This is just like my last therapy appointment. Anyway, were I a secret agent, I'd certainly want only the latest and greatest gear for Christmas, like the CPM-700 Broadband Receiver. This serious piece of countersurveillance hardware locates pretty much any sort of recording device you can think of, from bugs to phone taps to tape recorders (may require additional probes). While it might look kind of hefty, it's supposed to fit in your average briefcase.

In fact, this device is apparently so useful that "each person on the detail should have at least one unit dedicated to him or her." That's right, folks, everybody needs a CPM-700. And at the low price of $2625 (a 23% savings off the list price!), who wouldn't want one?

[via Ubergizmo ]

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