Now you and your friend's iPods can get Hitched

How many times have you wanted—perhaps even needed —to transfer information between two devices, say a digital camera and a flash memory drive, but haven't had a computer anywhere? More than once? Twice? Three times a lady?

Well, Sima Products wants to help you fix that problem. Their new device, cleverly named "Hitch," allows you to plug in two USB devices and transfer the contents from one to the other. Hitch supports both the USB Mass Storage profile (used by most flash drives), and the USB Picture Transfer Protocol that many digital cameras use, and supports up to 480 Mb/sec over USB 2.0.

Hitch can copy folders of data, or individual files; so, for example, should you wish to legitimately move a music file between two iPods you own, it can help you do that. Unfortunately, the specifications suggest that it only supports FAT 8/16/32, so users with Mac-formatted iPods may be left out in the cold.

[via Engadget ]

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