NukAlert keychain: for when that Cold War gets hot

If you're like me—and isn't that a chilling thought—then your number one concern is fallout . Or, apparently, you're from the 1950s and the height of the Cold War, in which case: Welcome, traveler from the past!

If you're concerned that invisible, diabolical nuclear radiation might be somehow seeping into your very soul , you can curb that bizarre fear with the NukAlert Keychain. This pocket-sized device can detect nuclear radiation; if it finds dangerous levels, it will sound an alarm; a key on the back will let you match the number of chirps to the radiation level. The NukAlert is rugged, durable, and even submersible, with a ten year battery, and is supposedly used by first responders, law enforcement, and the Department of Defense.

Of course, all of this comes at a price. Safety from radiation will cost you $160 (or, if you can find a fellow radiation freak, $145 each for two). Those looking to use the NukAlert to find radiation sources that will grant them superpowers are also encouraged to make me the beneficiary of their wills.

[via Uber-Review ]

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