Opera for the DS in motion

Opera on the DS
I've been looking forward to Opera for the Nintendo DS for some time now. There's a video of it in action on YouTube, and it looks pretty usable, which is a pleasant surprise. There are certainly some issues: it's not the world's fastest browsing platform, for one (some pages can take quite some time to load) and there's no Flash support, which is a pain for sites that rely on that technology.

Still, there are times when I don't want to lug out a huge notebook just to see whether or not there is a signal I can use; or when I just want to check for some information quickly. I doubt I want to write any email on it (much less a blog entry), but the stylus does make that a more attractive proposition than doing so on, say, a PlayStation Portable. The usage of the two-screen, with one as an overview and the other as a zoom seems like quite a good idea, and far more practical than many similar devices could manage.

There's still no word on whether or not Opera will drop a copy for the US, but I certainly hope so. Might be the first web browser I ever pay for.

[via Kotaku ]

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