Outdoor home theater system is full of air, hot or otherwise

Inflatable screen
Can't afford that 65" Plasma TV, but want to have the bigscreen experience this summer? Well, for just $1,000 (far less than the price of that Panasonic), you can have your very own inflatable home theater setup . It has a eight foot wide and seven foot high screen, which makes it marginally closer to a standard 4:3 aspect ratio than a widescreen, and two weatherized outdoor speakers.

Unfortunately, you'll need to bring your own projector and DVD player to the party, which ups the pricetag a little bit, but come on; it's inflatable . Also, come to think of it, most projectors don't work very well in bright light, so daytime viewing (as pictured) is probably right out—but never mind that, it's inflatable ! It includes an air pump, and claims to inflate in just four minutes. Could be perfect for all those summer movies; just remember to invite your neighbors, lest they call the cops on you.

[via SCI FI Tech ]

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