Personal UV Monitor helps you stay sunburn free

Oregon Scientific Personal UV Monitor
Gearlog's been running a countdown of the best summer gadgets, and yesterday (coinciding with the first day of summer), they hit number one. What could it be? I'm feeling faint. Somebody get me a glass of water. Or lemonade.

Their pick for numero uno was Oregon Scientific's Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer. Running only $29, this device can tell you based on UV, SPF, and your skin type just how long you should be basting tanning on that chaise longue . It has a countdown timer and a wrist strap, and it's waterproof so you can take it to the beach or the pool.

The only flaw with this device—cool as it is—is that it necessitates going outdoors. What I really need is something to calculate the amount of exposure I'm getting from my monitor, so I know when to take a break from blogging.

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