Phoenix brings Internet Radio into your living room

Phoenix Wi-Fi/IP radio
Looking for a way to bring your favorite Internet radio station into the living room without lugging your computer in? Meet Com One's Phoenix Wi-Fi/IP radio. The Phoenix doesn't need a computer at all; just an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. It's got a built-in pair of stereo speakers, but also connects to your home stereo via an analog output.

The Phoenix has eight programmable preset buttons and lets you bookmark stations and songs for future use. It handles MP3, WMA, uncompressed audio, and has support for Real Audio. There's also an alarm clock and support for Bluetooth, should you, I guess, wish to use wireless headphones or the like.

I must confess myself somewhat curious about the Phoenix's interface. Unlike conventional radio which broadcasts signals through the air, you have to seek out internet radio stations to listen to them. According to Com One, the Phoenix supports the "V-tuner Internet Radio" service, but also has an open API for third parties. I've never been a huge Internet Radio fan—too low a signal-to-noise radio for me, but if you find yourself craving it, you can snag the Phoenix for $249.

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