Play classic NES games in your browser

Retrogaming is big, as I was trying to explain to my parents the other day over their snickering. We're getting to the point where the "adults" in society are people that grew up playing video games, and there's an immense nostalgia factor in digging up and playing old games (hence the entire Virtual Console idea of Nintendo's Wii).

But even if you've sold off that original NES, you can still get access to the games through the magic of the Intertube. vNES is a website that lets you play (as of the moment) 395 different NES games via Java. Choose from classics like Contra, Double Dragon, Legend of Zelda and even Darkwing Duck (I have the original cart for that downstairs, actually).

A and B keys are remapped to the A and Z keys, while enter and space bar serve for select and start, and the arrow keys sub for the D-pad. Oh, and if you're going to play in your Mac, make sure your cursor is in the right frame and, in my case anyway, over the Java app. It helped for some reason.

Anyone for RBI Baseball?

[via Lifehacker ]

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