Pump-action fishing rod is angling for Quake lovers

Rocket Fishing Rod
Back when I was a little kid, my uncle used to take my cousin and I fishing in the lake where we often spent the summer. While it wasn't my favorite pastime, I did enjoy some aspects of it: particularly the part where you got to cast your line into the inky depths. There was something graceful and fluid about it, and it certainly didn't involve sticking worms on a hook or pulling fish off of one, which makes it tops in my book.

But there's nothing relaxing that technology can't undo, right? Hence the Rocket Fishing Rod. Instead of having to take all the trouble to swing your arm and cast a fishing line, the Rocket Fishing Rod shoots a bobber and hook up to thirty feet away. The capsule opens when it hits the water, releasing the baited hook into the water. When you get a bite, you reel it in in the conventional style.

Okay, I can see that this is how Batman might go fishing, it seems like overkill for most of us. But, as my mom used to say, "if this is how you want to spend your $60, go ahead."

[via Oh Gizmo! ]

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