Putting the 'brrrrrrr' in CyberFridge

Electrolux CyberFridge
I'm not sure I would classify my refrigerator as intelligent. Maybe it should be. At the moment, it merely keeps my food cold and fresh, crucial in the case of fresh produce and beer. But it could be doing so much more .

Especially if it had a touch-sensitive LCD screen attached to it. Think of all the possibilities! I could check my mail while staring into my fridge. Watch YouTube videos. Blog . All of which are natural activities one engages in while procuring fixings for a truly monumental sandwich.

All Electrolux's new CyberFridge really has on the competition is that its flatscreen is mounted above the door, so you (or the audience that usually accumulates when you open your fridge) can continue to stare at the screen while the fridge door is open. Wow. What will they think of next? Please don't say flatscreen-enabled toilets.

[via Ubergizmo ]

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