QuikPod makes self-portraits easy, but no less silly

My friend's husband insists upon taking pictures of the two of them with a camera held at arm's length. I swear, photos from this perspective account for more than fifty percent of pictures of the couple. So for Christmas, maybe I should think about getting him a QuikPod.

This extensible monopod makes it easy to take a picture of yourself (and, optionally, your spouse or significant other). Just screw the QuikPod into the camera, hit the self-timer button, extend it, and voila : perfect snapshots. It's less bulky than a tripod, and better than trying to find a precarious ledge on which to perch your new digital camera. There's even a mirror which lets you take a quick look before the picture is taken, so you can make sure you're not bickering about whether those ruins are Mayan or Aztec.

I suppose you could always ask someone to take a picture of you, but that would require human interaction, and we can't have that.

[via The Red Ferret Journal ]

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