Rechargeable know, for kids

Candeloo Rechargeable Nightlights
I'll admit it, I slept with a nightlight for much of my youth, attempting to once explain it to a friend with the cleverly thought out fib: "It's in case of blackouts." But, had I had these clever rechargeable nightlights, that might have saved my young reputation.

The idea is simple: a pair of nightlights and a recharging base. When you remove the light from the charger, it starts glowing, and when you replace it on the base it turns itself off. Handy for more than just protecting my younger self from bogey monsters, it could also function as some handy mood-lighting (far safer than candles, trust me ). They're available for $50 in either a pair of fuchsia and orange or a pair of green and blue.


[via Shiny Shiny ]

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