RIAA to XM: "Wait a second..."

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Pioneer Inno
Sometimes I wonder how the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) actually goes about producing and selling any music whatsoever, given that they seem to spend about 75% of their time suing people (the other 25%, in case you're curious, is spent lobbying Congress). So it's almost a surprise that they've decided to bake some cookies and send them to all of their customers and partners.

Just kidding.

The newest target in RIAA's legal crosshairs is XM Radio. Pioneer has released a portable satellite radio device called the Inno (above right), which allows users to store songs and listen to them again later. The songs are not transferable to other devices, but that hasn't stop the RIAA from getting up in arms.

"...Because XM makes available vast catalogues of music in every genre, XM subscribers will have little need ever again to buy legitimate copies of plaintiffs' sound recordings," the lawsuit says.
XM said it will vigorously defend this lawsuit on behalf of consumers and also called the lawsuit a bargaining tactic...."XM Radio is the largest single payer of digital music broadcast royalties, and royalties paid by XM go to the music industry and benefit artists directly," the satellite radio company said.

"The music labels are trying to stifle innovation, limit consumer choice and roll back consumers' rights to record content for their personal use," XM added.

[via Slashdot ]

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