RoboMower cuts your grass and bides its time

Do you seriously think a robot lawnmower is a good idea? I mean, I know you're addict to your Roomba, but the worse they can do is nudge into your feet or try to vacuum your cat. Maybe the Scooba could try to make your floor slippery, but that's not like a robot lawnmower. I mean, it has blades . We know the robopocalypse is coming—why must we hasten it along like the ignorant starry-eyed meat sacks we are?

Anyway, should you fail to heed my dire predictions, you might go out and buy a RoboMower RL850 for $1175. In theory, it obeys an electrical perimeter fence that you set up around your yard (sure, I bet it can't think of a way around that ), and operates within that fence to mow your grass in a pleasing crisscross pattern.

Until it runs amok and holds your family at bay with spinning blades of doom . I'm just saying. Fine, go ahead, do what you want. Just don't blame me when we're all living in the Matrix, okay?

[via Popgadget ]

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