Scent of a Dog

The MPAA is using dogs to find pirated DVDs
The Motion Picture Association of America is whipping out the big guns. Lucky and Flo, two black Labs, have been employed by the MPAA to try to put the kibosh on the exportation of pirated DVDs. Apparently, these dogs are able to sniff out the chemicals used to manufacture discs, and they can even smell through several layers of wrapping. They'll be staking out customs points and other locales where suspicious packages might be located. Unfortunately, Lucky and Flo can't distinguish between discs from a legit factory and ones burned in a basement--you still need people to open up the packages and check whether the discs are legal.

[ Cathy Lu, Digital World ]

Dan's Thoughts: Gee, I hope we're not taking dogs away from something useful, like say drug-sniffing.

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