Samsung's Smart perhaps a little too smart

I love me some microwave technology. I'm still anxiously awaiting the official release of the voice-activated microwave, but in the meantime, I suppose I'll have to content myself with Samsung's new Smart Oven.

What's so smart about it? With most microwaves, you—the user—have to know how long to cook certain things. But the Smart Oven? It can figure it out all by itself. Frightening . Scan a SmartCode on the side of your microwave popcorn and it knows how long to cook it. Am I a little wary of ascribing intelligence to an appliance that could probably melt my face off ? You betcha. Do I want one anyway? Heck yeah.

And that's not all: though the SmartOven has microwaving features, it can also act as a convection oven and a grill. So no more need to resort to George Foreman—the Smart Oven beats him down in just three rounds.

[via Gizmodo ]

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