Shocking tanks are just like real tanks...only smaller...and they shock

Shocking Tanks
Honestly, the shocking fetish has to stop . First it was Shocking Roulette (to steal a quote from a friend, "where even the winners are losers"); then it was the Shockolate Vault, the jar that prevents you from eating your hard-earned treats.

But the biggest problem with these remote controlled shocking tanks is that they actually sound kind of cool (despite being billed as "The Ultimately Sadistic Office Gadget"). You are your opponent each get a remote controlled tank; try to shoot your opponent's with the infrared gun, and when you hit them, your victim gets a nice shock from the controllers. And if you're concerned about your delicate electronics, you needn't be concerned: each controller comes with a wrist strap, so your opponent won't drop it while he's crying out for his mommy.

Something tells me I would be awful at this game. $50 for a pair o' tanks. But the pain lasts a lifetime.

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