Shockolate Vault asks if you want pain or chocolate. Chocolate, please!

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Shockolate Vault
Okay, do we have any readers in the UK? Could they please to explain to me what the hell is the deal with that country and electrically shocking people? I thought perhaps the bizarreness of Shocking Roulette was a one-off, but now we have the Shockolate Vault and my spider sense is tingling. Then again, it might just be the lasting effects of the electricity sent coursing through my veins by an otherwise ordinary-looking jar.

The idea behind the Shockolate Vault is simple: put in something you want to not have access to, such as sweets, cigarettes, or your car keys, and set the timer. If you try to open the jar before the timer's up ZAP! . Great for kids (seriously, keep this thing away from your kids, or people with pacemakers for that matter). All for just £10 plus shipping.

Admittedly, the actual use of this device doesn't seem as intriguing as my original conception: a way to keep your precious chocolate out of the hands of crazy soccer hooligans. The Shockolate Vault might work in Britain to help with self-restraint for those sweets, but not here in America. The first time someone gets shocked by this sucker, they're just going to curse, pull out their Gloc, and blow the thing away. Nobody shocks Americans . You got that?

[via Shiny Shiny ]

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