Siskel and Ebert could probably have used the ThumbSaver

I excel at doing bodily harm to myself—inadvertently, of course. You know how in cartoons, the character is always lining up the hammer with the nail, but still manages to smash his thumb? Yeah, that's me.

So clearly I'm a candidate for the ThumbSaver, which aims to prevent digit injury by letting you hold the nail in place magnetically, with no risk to your thumb at all. Part of me wonders why the nail just won't fly off, but I guess if the magnet is strong enough it'll work okay. I'd rather end up with a sore thumb than a nail in the hand, though.

The ThumbSaver comes in a package of two (6" and 7.5" long) for $12.95. Remember: opposable thumbs are what separates us from savage beasts, so keep yours in good working order.

[via Popgadget ]

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