Slice-o-rama cuts veggies, not fingers

Just one more food-related item, then I promise: this madness will end. But how could I resist Oliver Beckert's Slice-o-rama ? From the catchy name to the brilliant idea, this is one product that would find its way into my kitchen and—dare I say—my heart . A combination table-saw and cutting board. Come on, now. Show some love.

To those of you afraid of digital injury (the kind not involving computers), don't worry. The saw blade used is the same type of vibrating blade used for cutting casts off people; it won't cut your finger, but it will cut vegetables. The Slice-o-rama also includes an adjustable metal guide for determining how big your slices should be.

Personally, I totally can't cut straight, so I'd love one of these. Unfortunately, they're still a concept device, so it's not yet for sale. Blast. Back to cutting the old way.

[via Oh Gizmo! ]

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