Sony cranks up the volume

Sony ICF-B01
Not enough gadgets have hand cranks. Ideally, I could hand crank all of my appliances, thus freeing them of the need to run off traditional batteries that always seem to die on me when I most need them.

Sony knows what I'm talking about. That's why they packed just such a crank into their latest portable AM/FM radio, the ICF-B01 (catchy name). It does have a battery, but when it starts flaking out, just whip out that crank and get spinning. A minute of cranking will get you an hour of AM reception or 40 minutes of FM reception. Hey, you can even charge your cellphone with it. There's also a bright LED in case all of your other batteries have died and you need to go and hand crank everything else in your house. It could happen.

While it's coming out in Japan on June 10th for a little over $50, hopefully we'll see the ICF-B01 stateside some time soon. You know what else gadgets lack? Foot pedals .

[via Gizmodo ]

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