Sony's BDP-S1 is here, at long last

Sony BDP-S1
Congratulations, Sony! You finally got the BDP-S1 out the door. This calls for some sort of party. After all, you're the architect of the Blu-Ray format, and this should be your flagship player. It plays all formats of Blu-Ray discs, plus your ratty old DVDs—but how can you be bothered to watch those when you have all 125 titles of Blu-Ray-ey goodness at your fingertips ?

You'll also find HDMI with output of up to 1080p, analog output of up to 1080i, upscaling of old DVDs to 1080p, digital audio out, 5.1 decoding, and, most importantly, "rigid beam chassis construction, drive brackets and off-center insulator feet." Got to have those off-center insulator feet, son. The price for the latest and greatest in high definition? A cool grand. You could always go for a Blu-Ray playing PS3 for around half—oh, I'm sorry. I just can't keep a straight face for that one.

[via SCI FI Tech ]

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