Splashpower is cableless recharging for your devices

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Splashpower's SplashPad
Now that networking is merely floating around in the air, via wireless, the last remaining thing keeping your electronic devices tethered is power . Sure, most of them operate on batteries these days, but even then you need to plug them in to keep them happy with the juice .

Splashpower wants to bring wireless power to devices, which I personally think is a pretty admirable goal, even if it's somewhat impractical at the moment. See, Splashpower's design requires devices that are "Splashpower-enabled." Which, as far as I can tell at the moment, is pretty much none. How does it work? Using the magic of "inductive coupling," Splashpower's SplashPad provides power to any Splashpower-enabled device placed on it. So you still end up tethered to a charging station, you just don't need a cable. Supposedly, they've got a number of companies signed on to "enable" their devices, but we'll have to wait for next month to get some firm details.

Well, it's part of the way there, but I long for a day when devices are transmitted power just as they're transmitted information. A day when no recharging means never having to say "wait, I'm about to run ou&mdash"

[via Gearlog ]

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