Split personality chopsticks sprout knife and fork

I've been wondering for a while if I wouldn't be better off using chopsticks to eat everything . It would work for some things more than others, I suppose. Cheerios (which we've established is breakfast fare around Gadgetbox HQ), for example, would be pretty easy (if you can't pick them up, you can skewer them through the holes). But, round lunch time, the ham and cheese sandwich might be a challenge. Not to mention those tasty steak dinners.

Now, we've already got Colonel Sanders's diabolical spork, and of course, the wonderfulness of the knork. But what about those who want to fuse their love of Western and Eastern cuisines? For them, there's the ForkChops, a pair of chopsticks which feature a knife and fork on their opposite ends respectively. You could consider them training chopsticks, I guess. They're dishwasher safe and go for $4.99 for a pair and $31.99 for six pairs, enough for you to annoy most of your friends by insisting that they use them for your next dinner party.

[via Oh Gizmo! ]

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