Stay cool, with the heat sink ceramic mug

Heat sink mug
Yes, Gadgetboxers, we're a sucker for good design. Remember the TROKE mug from IKEA ? Simple, but effective.

In a similar vein, we have this ceramic mug designed by Stephen Reed. It's designed to reduce the heat transferred to your hand when you pick up a mug of steaming coffee, tea, or other hot beverage, which it does by using ceramic "fins" around the outside. The design was inspired by the heat sinks familiar to most computer geeks. Excess heat is bled off between the fins, while the tops of the fins remain much cooler.

A fantastic idea, and certainly more environmentally friendly than those cardboard tubes you put around your morning caffeine fix. Unfortunately, it's but a design concept at the moment, so you'll have to keep on burning your hand until someone decides to mass produce them. Keep those seared fingers crossed.

[via OhGizmo! ]

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