Strapping young Wii gets an upgrade?

Wii Straps
Unless you're living in some sort of Biodome (and if you are, please ensure that Pauly Shore never ever escapes), you've probably heard about the Nintendo Wii's problem with the wrist straps on the Wii Remotes breaking during play. While it seems as though injuries to people have been so far avoided, many a television has not been quite so lucky.

However, it looks as though Nintendo has already started work on fixing the problem. They've introduced a thicker reinforced strap on units shipping to Australia and Europe. No news as of yet on whether new US and Japanese units, which went out the door earlier, have the new wrist straps included.

In related news, I still haven't been able to actually find a store selling the Wii, despite Nintendo's assertion that they would ship several million units before the holidays were up. I'll keep my eyes open.

[via Kotaku ]

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