Tasers soon to be shocking at up to 450 feet

Looking for the latest in non-lethal incapacitating weaponry? Look no further than the new long-range stun gun technology developed by the guys at Taser. Conventional Tasers work by firing darts attached to wires which then send an electric shock to the sucker—er, target. Of course, you're limited by the length of the wires, which usually run to a maximum of about 30 feet.

The new technology would allow takedowns from around 150 meters (approximately 450 feet) by firing a wireless dart at the target. Upon impact, a small charge detonates the dart's pizoelectric payload, piercing the skin with electrodes and delivering a shock of up to 40 kilvolts. Yowza.

The coolest thing I learned about Tasers though? The name itself is an acronym for "Thomas A. Swift's Electrical Rifle," Tom Swift being the hero of pulp novels read by Taser inventor Jack Cover (and yours truly).

[via Engadget ]

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