That be Pirate Toast, matey

Skull Toaster
If Gadgetbox has a mandate—aside from my compulsive coverage of Dr. Who merchandise—then that mandate is fueling my obsession with dry, heated bread, known to the more pedantic amongst us as "toast." Why am I so fascinated? Because it's so versatile : you can make sandwiches out of it; you can put butter on it, or jam; it can be used as, erm, bookends . All sorts of uses.

Plus, it's one of those foods that lends itself perfectly to artistic endeavors. Toast, I say, is a blank canvas , limited only by your boundless vision. I know my friend Tony, for example, would greatly appreciate this $43 pirate toaster, which sears the skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger onto this part of your complete breakfast. Plus, since the image so closely resembles the standard image for poisons, you can be sure that others won't try and nick your delicious toast.

[via OhGizmo! ]

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