The Helping Hand helps the medicine go down

The Helping Hand
It's not enough for Bang & Olufsen to design some of the best looking media devices in the world; they have to help people too. The Danish firm's Medicom division is dedicated to providing solution that let patients manage their own health better.

What's one major problem facing patients? Taking drugs regularly. Even if you get in a schedule, it's tough to not miss a dose sometime or other, especially if your schedule suddenly changes. B&O's designed a device called The Helping Hand that's supposed to help remind people to take their medicine.

The Helping Hand keeps track of how often patients have been taking their medication, and provides feedback via a red, yellow, or green light. It can also upload data to physicians about whether or not patients have been taking their pills. This could be especially handy for the elderly, who often have a variety fo different medications to take and are prone to forgetting.

[via Popgadget ]

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