Things Dan will not spend $29.95 on: mousepad edition

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SteelPad Qck heavy
Yes, I game. I'm not ultra serious about it, but I enjoy the occasional FPS or RPG online with buddies. And certainly twitch games like FPSs demand only the best in pointing technology, but that doesn't mean I'm about to spend $29.95 on a mousepad, unless of course that mousepad is solid gold , which, when you think about it, wouldn't even be that good of a mousepad.

Still, that's what Steel Series wants you to drop on their new SteelPad Qck heavy. The idea, apparently, is that the mousepad is thick enough that it "eliminates problems from uneven surfaces." I've run into this problem, and it's a viable one, but I can easily stack two or three $1 mousepads and alleviate it. Call me crazy. Go ahead, I dare you.

Other than that, the main selling point of the SteelPad Qck heavy, other than a ridiculous name, is that it seems to be quite large: 17.7x15.7 inches. That's actually just a shade too big for me, as I like having some open desk space. Then again, it can always double as a pillow for when you need to take those quick at-your-desk naps.

[via Gearlog ]

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