Think you're tough? Try writing with metal.

Metal Pen
Ink is so twentieth century. Nowadays, if you want your writings to last the ages, you'd better be using metal . Grand Illusions has created a writing implement that is made of a metal alloy that can leave a mark on most types of paper. Since there's no ink and no lead, there's no reason to ever refill or sharpen this implement, though since it actually works like a pencil, it will wear down slowly over time. Still, for $30, a pen that will potentially last for years is a pretty good bargain. Long as you don't lose it.

You think you're hardcore doing your crossword puzzles in ink , eh? Try metal, sucker. Don't call yourself a dedicated cruciverbalist without one. In fact, don't call yourself a dedicated cruciverbalist period, 'kay?

[via Popgadget ]

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