US Government is only 108 years behind the times

The charge on San Juan Hill
Did you know that the Spanish-American war ended in 1898? No? Apparently, neither did the US Government. Over a hundred years ago, the government enacted a 3% tax on long distance phone calls to help finance the war.

And they didn't repeal the tax until now . What the hell was all that money going to: keeping Teddy Roosevelt cryogenically preserved?

As of June 30, 2006, your phone bill may decrease. Not only that, but on next year's taxes you'll be able to claim for a refund on the past three years of your phone bill. Granted, we're talking about reclaiming all of $10 or $20. Hurrah!

Now I'm curious, though. What the heck else is being hidden under the aegis of "taxes" on my monthly phone bills? Are we still financing the War of 1812? The American Revolution? My cell phone bill goes up around $5 due to taxes every month. When I used to have a landline, my bill would go about about a third due to taxes. What gives? You're telling me I have to pay my taxes and have my calls logged by NSA? That hardly seems fair.

[via Ars Technica ]

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