UV Breadbox could have saved my life

UV Breadbox
We've never met personally, you and I, so you'll be excused for not knowing that I'm a carbohydrate fiend . I love pretty much all things bread, breaded, or bready. I will eat plain pieces of bread for a snack. It's a wonder I don't weigh 300lbs., especially given my career as a blogger doesn't require a whole lot of physical exertion. But I digress.

One day, not too many weeks ago, I pulled out a piece of bread for a pre-ultimate Frisbee game nosh. I took a bite, and was chewing away, when I realized that the rest of the bread was starting to develop mold around the outside. Gross? Very gross .

If I'd had my own UV-irradiating breadbox, this problem could have been simply avoided, and I would not now be addressing you from beyond the grave . Over at Invent Geek, they lay out in exquisite detail how you can create just such a thing for around $65. It'll supposedly increase the shelf life of bread by about 50%, though unfortunately it doesn't prevent mold from growing inside , only on the exterior. What the heck, though. Life is about taking risks .

[via Engadget ]

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