Vehicular turntable spins your car right round, baby, right round

Vehicular Turntable
I hope you won't think any less of me (if such a thing is possible) merely because I covet a turntable for my car. My reasons are, after all, pure of heart and sound of mind: Batman has one .

No, seriously, I've lived in some places where backing out of the driveway can just be a pain. My last apartment, I had to back into the driveway. While I got pretty good at it, I probably could have saved myself from paint scratches with one of these suckers.

Of course, no price is quoted, which means either that it's so cheap everyone should have one (fingers crossed!) or it's so expensive, there's an explanation as to why only Bruce Wayne (the 7th richest fictional character, according to Forbes ) has one. Guess it's back to blogging by day, crimefighting by night for your intrepid hero.

[via OhGizmo! ]

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