Verbarius brings new meaning to "telling time"

And still this whole " finding more difficult ways to tell time " train just keeps on rolling. This time we're appealing to that breed of people who just have a burning need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on something that looks trendy. You know who I mean.

So it's little surprise that the clock in question comes from the mind of the Art. Lebedev Studio, best known for their Optimus line of products. The Verbarius tells you the time—but not in numbers, oh no. That would be far too easy. Every time you "ask" it to tell you the time (via a button or something, one presumes), it will write out the time as something like "forty-five minutes past five," or "fifteen minutes to six," or "quarter 'til never ." By default, it ships with five languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish and French, though you can supposedly upload different languages via your PC (the Verbarius includes a USB cable).

Nifty, sure, but I don't exactly have $158 dollars to spare for a clock, even a gregarious one. Now if they finish that OLED keyboard, maybe we can talk. Verbarius is available for pre-order now; it'll be shipping around November 1st.

[via Gizmodo ]

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