We built this city on rock, roll, and our Nintendo DS

Sim City DS
It's been a while since I've bought games for my DS. Right now I own Tetris DS and Mario Kart DS. Yeah, a bit skimpy, I'll admit. But I have to say, that I'm pretty excited about the fact that Sim City is making its way to the console. I mean, I had the original version for my Mac, in black and white back on floppy disks. I'd spent hours building cities, just so I could rampage them with a Godzilla attack. Actually, I'm not even sure I ever played the game right.

The DS version looks like it won't just be a trip down memory lane, using the 3D perspective of later games in the series, rather than the original 2D top down approach. I do like the addition of what looks to be Sim City-creator Will Wright in the bottom screen, although I didn't know he spoke Japanese.

Japan's the only place that this version of Sim City, made by Electronic Arts, has been announced, but I'm holding out hope we'll see a US version before long.

[via Joystiq ]

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